July Top Sellers

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July has come and gone with a heatwave bringing some good times along the way. Luckily our customers have been wanting to bring us along on their adventures too, even if we have all been talking about it being a little too hot in the office. 

Here are the top sellers for July and maybe some inspiration for the month ahead. 

10. 'Pembroke' Burgundy Leather Backpack

Keeping classic and stylish with a backpack for these hot days has been a must. Perfect for carrying all your essentials for a day out in the sun from drinks bottles to sun cream. This design is spacious without sacrificing on the sleek leather look. 

Whether a trek through the fauna is on the books or some city exploring, this is the perfect accessory.  

9. 'Pinner' Blush Pink Leather Coin Purse

Small but mighty, this coin purse has quickly become a favourite this month. Simple and elegant, this coin purse is a multifunctional piece that can give that little touch more organisational space. Whether for coins and notes as intended or for other essentials. 

The Pinner has become a must-have in festival season, why not grab your own now? 

8. 'Adley' Cashmere Blue Leather Handbag

Unique and an old favourite in a new colourway, the Adley is a classic design elevated with a soft fine grain finish which is supple and soft to the touch. The concealed zip gives this a unique and timeless silhouette meaning it is the perfect accessory with any outfit. 

The understated colour makes it perfect for all seasons but it really pops during the summer months. 

7. 'Shona' Chilli Pepper Leather Cross Body Bag

An old favourite has returned in all its glory and you have been loving it. This bright and bold accessory is a must-have for adding a little spice to your outfits in the summer months and adding that pop of colour when the autumn and winter seasons roll around. 

For that unique touch, this is adorned with our cute Conkca squirrel charm and logo to give it that quirky finish. 

6. 'Jairzinho' Dark Brown Leather Cross Body Bag

As our resident fashionista, Rachael spotted, small bags are still trending across the fashion world. Jairzinho has just narrowly missed out on the top 5 this month. 

This handsomely rugged design offers ample storage space for all your essentials while out and about and the perfect festival goer accessory or just for running daily errands. Sleek and robust, a perfect finishing touch for any outfit. 

5.'Camden' Black Leather Cross Body Bag

For those looking to elevate their look with an elegant yet versatile accessory should look no further than the Camden. A contemporary take on a classic design, this cross body bag from our Cultured Eco Collection is a little like a little black dress…timeless. 

Styling has never been easier than with this accessory. 

4. 'Buzz' Dark Tan Leather Cross Body Phone Bag

With autumn on the way, we have seen people being drawn to the rustic browns and the Buzz has quickly been a favourite after our first journal in the ‘Bag on Trend’ series. This highlighted this modern style with traditional craftsmanship that has allowed plenty to express their personality in style. 

Much like the Jairzinho, this small but mighty bag is a must-have as fashion pushes towards smaller bags for all your essentials. 

3. 'Marquee' Dark Tan Leather Handbag

Everyone looking forward to crinkly leaves has snapped at the bit for the Dark Tan accessories as they start lining up their autumn looks. This style is a favourite in the office, thanks to the elegant silhouette. 

Add to your Wishlist as the leaves start to fall. 

2. 'Addington' Dark Tan Leather Backpack

Featuring a dual zipped front for all your on-the-go needs, the capacious Addington backpack featuring those autumn tones will sure brighten your mood and your outfit. 

We can’t wait to see how this is styled whether for work or leisure. 

Dan’s Pick - 'Daisy' Tan Leather Backpack

This backpack holds a sentimental place in my heart as my partner uses this day in and day out for work or just a nice walk in the sun. This stylish backpack has quickly become a firm favourite. It was even the perfect companion for her recent trip abroad, fitting everything for a few days away with ease.

No need for any packing tricks, just a spacious and fuss-free packing experience. 

Get your travel companion cheaper with 15% off using discount code DAN15. 

Please be aware that this discount code is only valid on the Daisy in Tan and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount codes or on sale/outlet items. Valid until 5th August 2022. 

1. 'Piccadily' Black Leather Travel Wallet


With the summer holidays in full swing, travelling, whether abroad or a staycation is back on the table and alongside that the travel wallet has come into its own. Perfect for keeping all the holiday essentials together from money to booking print outs (not to sound too much like a travel dad), this is great for keeping the family or friends organised.

The sleek design easily fits into hand luggage for easy access and makes travelling a breeze. 

Whatever your favourite purchase was in the list or not, show off your style using #mypureluxuries on social media and make sure to tag us.

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