Gold Standard Leathers

Here at Pure Luxuries, we believe in high-quality designs which do not compromise the environment. This is why, we use LWG (Leather Working Group) gold tanneries and gold standard leather across all our collections, helping us create sustainable, luxury accessories that are made to last.

Gold Standard – The Top Rating for Leather Goods

In 2015, the Leather Working Group was formed to encourage sustainable and ethical business practices within the leather industry. With a scoring system from 0 to 100, tanneries are given a rating based upon the traceability of hides, the environmental policies and procedures, energy consumption, water usage, air and noise emissions, waste management and worker safety (to name a few). A score of 65 and upwards is a bronze rating, from 75 is silver and anything over 85 receives a gold rating.

We Believe that Leather is a Valuable Material from Nature

Leather alternatives have become increasingly popular in recent years, however, many of these are derived from fossil fuels. PVC and Polyurethane are common leather substitutes, these materials are not only plastic and petroleum-based, but also are far less durable than leather and often not made to last. Genuine leather is one of the strongest natural materials on the planet. This ensures longevity that simply cannot be found with leather alternatives.

We are mindful of the ethical and environmental concerns related to leather production which is why the leathers we use across our collections are a by-product of food production and a natural alternative to fossil fuel synthetics.

Where suitable, we utilise leather off-cuts that would have otherwise been disposed of, ensuring as little waste as possible. Waste leather poses environmental threats itself and our process eliminates this wastage, transforming it into long-lasting, bio-degradable, and characterful accessories. On top of this, we have never and never will produce any products using exotic skins.

We pride ourselves in evaluating our practices so we can continually take steps towards reducing our carbon footprint and impact on the planet to keep creating sustainable, luxurious, and affordable leather goods.

Untreated 100% Cotton Linings

Alongside using gold standard leather, we source only the best 100% natural cotton linings for the interior of our bags, purses, and wallets. From our linings to our zips and fittings, we never use polyester or plastics, committing ourselves to create accessories that are as environmentally conscious as possible.

Using high-grade premium cotton not only promises durability, but ensures we are sourcing the most sustainable materials, reducing our impact on the planet, and supporting suppliers who care for ethical and green practices.

Treat Yourself to Untreated Cotton

The processing of regular, treated cotton uses a large number of chemicals from chlorines and peroxides to chemical dyes. Our 100% cotton linings are untreated, eliminating the use of pesticides and other chemical agents. You can be confident that our manufacturing process commits to creating a safe working environment and protecting the ecosystem.

Metal Zips & Fittings

Committed to bringing you luxurious and sustainable accessories, our bags are created using the finest quality materials down to the zips and fittings. We are all aware of the damage that plastic causes to our planet, which is why we have proudly eliminated the use of plastics and polyester across all our collections.

“Details are the difference between good stuff and great stuff”

Every step of our design and manufacturing process focuses on attention to detail. From intricate stitching to beautifully engraved metal plaques and zips, our leather accessories are carefully designed to be as strong as they are sophisticated. All our zips and finishing touches are crafted from metal for longevity, durability, and luxury, so you can be guaranteed that every part of your Pure Luxuries purchase is made to last.


The saying might be “it is what’s inside that counts”, however, we believe that sustainability doesn’t end at the finished product, but also the packaging it comes in. Mindful of the impact that plastic has on our planet, we are continually taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint. We have already eliminated the use of plastic and polyester across all our collections, and we are now on target to eradicating the use of plastics in our packaging by 2022.

Our signature mailing bags will be an eco-friendly alternative to standard polythene bags, produced from a by-product of sugar cane and grown on reclaimed wasteland. The production of these bags will have no impact on the rainforest, will be created using sustainable sources, use no fossil fuels and be carbon neutral, all while being 100% recyclable.

Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference…

Consideration for the sustainability of our materials extends beyond our leather goods and into our packaging, as we continue to take steps towards a greener future. As of AW20, all our paper, cardboard and tissue are recycled, recyclable and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. Our tape is paper-based, eliminating the use of plastic-based tapes and chemical adhesives.

Alongside sourcing the most sustainable materials for our packaging, we never use silica gel packs within our products. Silica gel is manufactured through an intensive process that requires significant chemical, water, and energy inputs. This results in high levels of pollution and wastewater, all of which substantially negatively impact our planet.


Knowing where our materials come from and how they are manufactured is important to us, which is why we work closely with all our suppliers. From our gold standard leather and 100% cotton to our stunning cashmere range, we ensure sustainable and ethically produced quality accessories. Read more about our gold standard leather here.

Stunning Cashmere that Does Not Cost the Planet

We have come a long way since we designed our very first collection of bags and when we decided to introduce our cashmere range, we wanted to promise our customers the same high standard as they had come to know and love with our leather goods.

Our cashmere is produced from spinners certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) who are recognised as the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from certified organically produced raw materials. These include strict environmental and social criteria for operations along the entire textile supply chain. This certification guarantees that raw materials are organically sourced, and the factories only follow ecological and sustainable production processes.

All our cashmere is handmade in Nepal, providing training and skilled work for local people. Our spinners not only have full certification from GOTS but also RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) and Oeko Tex, ensuring our cashmere products help create a more sustainable future. The RWS addresses the welfare of animals and assures that wool is sourced from farms practising a progressive approach to managing their land.

Alongside this, we only use the finest GCS (Good Cashmere Standard) thread for our cashmere accessories, prized for its softness, lightness, and superb insulating properties.

We Advocate Environmentally Responsible Practices and Ethical Conduct from all our Suppliers.

With certifications such as SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), our suppliers are always looking for ways to improve working conditions to operate responsibly and sustainably. SEDEX is a membership organisation that works with businesses to protect workers and provide practical tools to encourage development.

Not only do our suppliers assure high ethical and welfare standards, but they also work hard towards being as sustainable as possible. From heating with biomass briquettes using sugarcane extract waste (an eco-friendly method of heating) to using ISO standard (International Organization for Standardization) compliant washing agents, they are actively taking steps to continually improve their manufacturing processes.

Long term commitment

Taking pride in what we do is important to us. From the first time your Pure Luxuries design is sketched out, to the moment that your purchase is delivered to your door, you can rest assured that care and attention have gone into every step of the process. We are constantly trying to find new ways to bring you the best possible products, at affordable prices and with minimal disruption to our planet.

Our Journey to a Greener Future…

We understand that sustainability is a journey and there will always be steps that we can take to reduce the impact that we have on the planet. Here at Pure Luxuries, we are determined to contribute to the planet positively and are dedicated to learning new ways to help lighten our carbon footprint.

This is a journey of ongoing improvement, and we are committed to finding new ways to make the most ethically and environmentally conscious decisions for our products, workers, and customers.

Beautiful Products that Last a Lifetime.

In recent years, fast fashion has been exposed for the damage that it causes the planet and the impact that it has on workers lives, yet sales for disposable, seasonal trends at low cost continue to rise. We aim to combat this by creating beautiful accessories that last a lifetime at affordable prices.

We create classic and timeless designs that not only keep up with current trends but that stay relevant for years to come. Using gold standard leather, our products are made to last, to be loved and to be inherited. Leather is one of the strongest, natural materials on the planet making your Pure Luxuries purchase an affordable investment that will age beautifully over time so you can enjoy it for years to come.