‘Bag On Trend’ - The Cross Body Phone Bag

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Bags have the power to make or break an outfit, express our personality, and keep ourselves organised throughout the day. This is why here at Pure Luxuries London, we are bag obsessed. So, we thought we would introduce you to our latest blog series ‘Bag on Trend’ where we look at which styles of bags are taking the fashion world by storm and why.

This season, small bags are still big news, with teeny-tiny cross body phone bags taking the spotlight. They may have been around for a little while now, but with summer adventures now lined up, it is easy to see why our ‘Buzz’ cross body phone bag has been on our top seller’s list for two months running.

Still not convinced? Here’s why we think you should incorporate a cross body phone bag into your summer this year . . . .

For Festival Season

Festival season is in full swing and while you are dancing the day away in crowds of sequins and glitter, you need somewhere safe to keep your phone, cards, and essentials. Say bye to bulky bum bags. Big enough for your phone, cards, lip-gloss and change, but small enough not to hinder any of those moves! Perfect!

Pro Tip: Without carrying around a clutch all evening, you will have that extra hand available for additional cocktails.  

No More Handbag Hoarding

You know how it is, you’re out and about when your phone starts to ring, so you rummage through the jumble sale that is the contents of your handbag, through the field of old receipts, past the valley of lipsticks, and around the sea of hand sanitiser. By the time you have reached the destination of your phone, you have missed the call. With the cross body phone bag, you will never have to embark on the world’s most disappointing treasure hunt ever again!

While our ‘Buzz’ cross body phone bag is deceivingly spacious, you can comfortably fit everything you need for a stroll, a night out or a trip to the shops, with just enough room left for a couple of miniature bottles of gin (I just checked). You’re welcome.

Out and About

While they may be great for the bare necessities, they are also great when you want to keep your phone and other essentials on hand while carrying a bulkier bag or luggage case. Whether you are at the airport, sightseeing or taking a stroll for the day, keep your passport, camera and phone separate from your packed-out bags and on hand all day with the perfect sized cross body phone bag. So you will never miss the perfect selfie spot or photo op again!

Still not sure if these itsy-bitys bags aren’t for you? Well, it may be on the other end of the style scale, however, the oversized tote is equally as trendy this season but comes with much more room and much more of an impact. What style of bag gets you through the summer? Are you on board the tiny bag train? Join the conversation on our socials and check out our Pinterest for more inspiration!

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