Top 5 Spring Women's Fashion Trends

Bold Colours
As spring approaches the cold weather subsides, the fresh air brings blooming flowers and vibrant colours return.
Much like trends this year - vibrant colours are a big part of making that all-important statement with Tangerine being the go-to for many this season. If you like a contrast to go with your bold outfits try our Black ‘Noelle’ Leather Bum Bag from our new VIP Collection (other colours available).

Another bold colour to hit the trends this season is Happy Blues, and they are sure to brighten anyone’s mood if you pass them.

Clutch on tight
We have certainly got you all covered with this next one. Clutch bags are back and are the bag to be seen with this spring. The clutch is known often as an evening bag but can be used throughout the day. Dedicated styles for this will help you decipher which to choose. We recommend our ‘Senga’ Clutch Leather Bag from our Conkca Originals Collection for the day time, as it’s versatile it can also be used as a cross body bag and later turn into a clutch bag. If you are looking for a bit more glamour why not try the ‘Yvette’ in Metallic Champagne from our VIP Collection, with all metal fittings you are bound to make a statement.

 Senga Conker Brown Model Shot        Conker Brown 'Senga' Leather Clutch Bag

Hats off to you
If you’re not into hats then you may want to skip this section. If not carry on into the new wonderful and weird hats this spring. From floppy hats to army style caps - you will make that statement without the need for the expensive outfits.

Polka Power
One of our personal favourites that never goes out of fashion is Polka Dots. We love this style as it can be elegant as well as being casual whether you are going to work or meeting friends in your favourite place. They are the perfect attire - to top the look off we suggest a bright bold bag like the ‘Ermes’ Cherry Leather Cross Body Bag & Clutch Bag from our Gold Collection.

Bright & White
All dressed up in white is the latest trend on the catwalk. From head to toe, this has got to be hard for those mothers out there trying to keep their outfit clean. If this is not to your liking in all white, perhaps we could tone it down by just adding a white jacket to our look or white jeans for this upcoming spring. To dress your outfit up in white we have the ‘Imogen’ Leather Shoulder Bag from the Deluxe Collection. This could be a subtle & clean way to keep on trend.

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