Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips

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Spring is here! And there are no two things we love more than sunny days and a good clear out. There are few things more therapeutic than a spring clean and we have some great ideas to get you inspired for your own! From environmentally friendly cleaning products to sustainable storage, we have got you covered whether on a budget or looking to splurge.

1. Environmentally & Purse Friendly Cleaning Products

Most shop-bought cleaning products contain a long list of harmful chemicals that not only damage our environment but can often cause a variety of skin and respiratory issues. Homemade cleaning products are just as effective and much kinder all-around.

Try lemon as a bleaching alternative (perfect for stained chopping boards), bicarbonate of soda for a natural abrasive and white vinegar for combating stubborn build-up (great for removing marks from glassware and mirrors or to run through the washing machine for a deep clean).

You can easily make your very own gorgeous smelling cleaning sprays by following recipes such as this one here.

2. Plastic Bag Dispenser

We all have a collection of plastic bags building up somewhere in the house. Keep them organised and easy to access with this handy hack: take an empty tissue box and adhere the base to the inside of a cupboard door for a simple and effective plastic bag dispenser. You’re welcome.

3. Maximise Under-Sink Storage

You will probably have a towel rail hooked over at least one of your kitchen cupboard doors, but have you tried hooking them the other way around? Hook a standard towel rail over the cupboard door (rails inside the cupboard) and hook your cleaning sprays over the rails to maximise under-sink storage!

4. Dan’s Top Tip – Susan Ain’t so Lazy Anymore

Have a lazy Susan lying gathering dust? Place it in the fridge or cupboard and put your sauces, dips, and condiments on there so you can easily see what is available! Genius.

5. Remove Pesky Pen Marks

Nobody knows more than the office agony aunt, Faye, that a Monday morning can be turned on its head with an ocean of Rice Krispies on the kitchen floor or a felt-tip portrait on the dining room table. Get rid of any pesky pen marks on your wooden furniture and floors by brushing on a little toothpaste and wiping away with a clean cloth. And it will be ready for the next ‘work of art.’

6. Get Rid of the Whiffy in a Jiffy!

Smelly trainers? Stinky pet beds? Baking soda! This simple little trick takes away any unpleasant odours around the home. Sprinkle a generous amount onto the whiffy item (doesn’t work on husbands, I am afraid), leave overnight and shake off the excess in the morning to freshen things up without any damage to the item or the environment!

7. Store in Style

Our office chef, Dan, loves his storage boxes and trays. Especially if they come with a label (probably to organise his apothecary of bizarre spices and condiments). Instead of purchasing plastic trays and boxes, why not scour the local charity shops for some cute baskets and wooden alternatives? Not only do they look much more aesthetically pleasing, but the proceeds go to a good cause, and they are kinder to our planet.

Rachael’s Top Tip:

Candles often come in beautiful glass jars. Once your candle has burnt out, carefully remove all the wax, and reuse the jars as a pretty storage alternative!

8. Care for Your Indoor Jungle

Bring the shine back to your beloved plants by wiping the leaves down with a (very!) mild soap and water, before finishing with a paper towel and a drop of mayonnaise. I know, it sounds bizarre, but just a small amount of this delicious condiment makes the leaves of your plants look extra happy and vibrant, just don’t try to eat them afterwards.

9. Seasons Change

With the warmer days on the way, it is time for those thick jumpers and warm winter clothes to be sorted and put away to make space for summer dresses and shorts! You’ve got to make the most of the British summer while it lasts! But remember, we do live in the UK though, so remember to keep a few of those woolly items out, just in case!

10. Make Yourself a Brew

The kettle is freshly descaled, the countertops are sparkling, and your mugs are whiter than Rylan’s smile. It is time to put your feet up and have a cuppa. You’ve earned it.

P.S. we won’t say a thing if the teacup accidentally turned into a wine glass and the tea accidentally turned into Sauvignon Blanc. These things happen.

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