Easter Games for the Whole Family

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With Easter quickly approaching, hopefully, the sun shines so you can spend some time in the garden and make this Easter weekend as relaxing as possible. Here at Pure Luxuries London, we have put together a list of must-dos for this celebration. 

Why Does It Always Rain on Me? 

The British weather is ups and downs with a week of sunshine being classed as the classic British Summer. We are praying to the sun gods but you never know when the British Summer will really hit so we have some suggestions for when the clouds appear and rain pours.

A tradition that has been lost on a lot of us except for our own Faye, decorating an Easter Tree is a great way to spruce up your house and get into the festivities. This mystery tree can be adorned with decorated eggs (more on them later), chocolate eggs and anything to do with Spring.

Decorating boiled or empty eggs with dyes and any decorations you can think of has been a classic for many years and a great way to keep the little ones entertained. A favourite of my younger years was green dye painted with sunflowers and daisies, however, I was no Picasso so, it probably looked more like scribbles. 

Make sure they don’t get eaten though, green eggs and ham aren’t quite the treat Dr Seuss made them out to be. 

Sunshine and Rainbows

With the sun out, what better excuse to get some activities for the whole family. Without sounding like too much hassle, an old favourite is an Easter egg hunt which can be great for the children and childlike adults alike. Who doesn’t want to scramble for chocolate?

If you fancy something even more traditional, the old fashioned bonnet decorating is a great way to get all the family creative and involved. 

Why not start with an egg and spoon race, a three-legged race or even a wheelbarrow race to get everyone participating. Put an Easter egg on the line to really up the (friendly) competitiveness. 

Our Pinterest board has lots of ideas for keeping the whole family entertained including a classic of Pin the Tail on the Bunny. For even more ideas check out our latest Easter Board for ideas for every occasion. 

My family loves to gather for a meal on Easter Sunday, comment below on what your family tradition is.

Don’t worry I will have some recipes to feed the masses in my next blog for the long Easter weekend and leave everyone with a full stomach.

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