New Year, New You - Resolutions for 2022

With 2021 closing out, we are thinking about the classic new year, new me resolutions that will inevitably fall by the wayside by week two of 2022. Here are some achievable resolutions after a rough year from Pure Luxuries.

Learn Something New

We all had our new hobbies over the first lockdown such as bread making, why not make it a mission to learn something new or revitalise an old hobby. Whether it is cooking, learning a new language or whatever takes your fancy. 

Challenge yourself to get better at whatever hobby or skill that has been stuck in your mind and make 2022 the year of you. 

Self Care

After a hectic few years full of ups and downs, it is the perfect time to do some much needed self care, whether that is overhauling your wardrobe, we might have some bags, purses and cashmere perfect for this! 

Even just finding a routine that you love such as a weekly spa day at home to revitalise your skin and relax at home. Need somewhere to stash your selection of facemasks and pampering creams, look no further than our Mayfair Collection especially our elegant Cashmere Blue.


With things a little uncertain at the moment, the wanderlust has set in for many. It is looking more and more likely that plans for a dream holiday will be put on hold once again. 

That shouldn’t stop you from safely going for a break in the UK or your local area, for some much needed time away exploring local history or just enjoying a new location. The perfect companion is a holdall and washbag for an impromptu weekend away. 


The classic resolution that always falls by the wayside thanks to excessive chocolate and other treats from the holiday season but with some work and routine you’ll be working towards your goal in no time. 

Whether just looking to lose that winter weight or more, finding a workout that suits you is key and sticking to it. Whether working on your cardio or definition, take it slow and build up to your goal. 

What are your resolutions for the year ahead? 

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