Family Friendly Christmas Party Games

It is a similar story for everyone at Christmas. The gifts are unwrapped, Christmas dinner gets devoured, Dad falls asleep on the sofa, the kids run circles around the living room, and Grandma tries to work out why there are digestive biscuits among the crackers. 

But not this Christmas! Stop the post-turkey snoozes and make Christmas extra special this year with some entertaining games that the whole family can enjoy! Here are some of our favourite festive party games to get every generation in on the fun. 

Reindeer Ring Toss
Chances are, you will have a reindeer antler headband lying around somewhere among the baubles and tinsel. Reindeer ring toss is a great game for every age and an even greater excuse to look a little silly! Dig out those antlers and give the most underrated (in our humble opinion) Christmas game a shot. See who has the best hand-eye coordination and get throwing those hoops!

Find out how to play HERE.

Christmas Song Freeze
Do you like to get your Jingle Bell Rock on? Dance the night away with this festive-themed game of musical statues! The perfect way to get everyone moving after enjoying their festive feast. From Top of the Pops classics to modern-day bops, there are plenty of Christmas tunes to get every generation on their feet!

Christmas Cookie Decorating
Get a little creative this Christmas with some cookie decorating. This is one that the kids will enjoy just as much as the adults! Battle it out to see who can create the best icing design and enjoy a sweet treat at the end of it. 

Crimbo Bingo
If classic Hallmark Christmas movies are your thing, you might enjoy Festive Film Bingo! Fun for the whole family and a more interactive way to enjoy your favourite Christmassy films. The perfect game for when you are feeling a little full after that huge Christmas dinner!

To play festive film bingo, print out blank bingo cards (or a blank grid) and write things that you will find throughout your film of choice in the boxes. Hand out copies to your friends and family, pop on a Crimbo classic, and get everyone to mark off the items on their card when they spot them in the film. 

The first person to complete a row wins a prize and the first person to complete the entire bingo card wins the game!

Who Am I? Christmas Edition
We are all familiar with Who Am I? The game where you stick a post-it note on your head and have to guess the name written upon it. Add a little festive cheer to this traditional game and make it Christmas themed! Simple enough to get everyone to join in and guaranteed to cause lots of laughter. 

Festive Scavenger Hunt 
We love the idea of a Christmas scavenger hunt, perfect for when the kids have a little too much Christmas spirit! Hide candy canes or other festive treats around the house, put your feet up and enjoy the moment of peace while they roam around the house in search of sweets!

Make things a little more exciting by hiding one special grand prize in a super-secret location!

Sledge Races
If you are lucky enough to have a white Christmas this year, dust off those sledges and get yourself outside for some sledge racing! Perfect for those looking for something a little more thrilling than a board game, sledge racing is a great way to get everyone out of the house this Christmas day and work up the appetite for more festive food!

A Classic Christmas 
While we think there are tons of fun activities on this list, the classics have earned that title for a reason. Bring out the traditional board games like Monopoly and Trivial Pursuits, the best part? You don't have to spend hours explaining the rules to Gran!

If board games aren't your thing, Charades and Pictionary are always popular choices at family get-togethers. So, flail those arms and get guessing!

Pin the Nose on Rudolf
Chaotic, hilarious and very entertaining, pin the nose on Rudolf is a simple game that sees guests trying to pin a red pompom onto a large drawing of a reindeer. It sounds straightforward, but it is much harder than it looks (especially after a few egg nogs).

Whatever game you choose to play this Christmas, we wish you a fun-filled day with lots of turkey, presents and mince pies! Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest for even more Christmas party ideas!

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