Halloween Ideas to Celebrate from Dusk Till Dawn

 The spooky season is here! After spending last Halloween in hiding, everyone is itching to go all out this year. Halloween may traditionally be about the spooks and scares but, it has become the one night of the year where we all have permission to be a bit daft. 

We have some terror-ific ideas to bring you and your family together this All Hallows’ Eve. No matter how old you are turn into a big kid again, get dressed up in your most ridiculous costumes and ride that sugar high!

 Trick and Treats 

This is one of the only times of the year when it is seemingly acceptable to stuff our faces with all things sweet and sugary, and we aren’t about to complain.  

From the traditional apple bobbing contests and pumpkin carving to family-friendly cookie decorating competitions and pumpkin painting, there is a lot of food for thought this Halloween. 

Try out your barista skills and give speciality coffee a go. Serve sophisticated pumpkin-spiced lattes to the grownups – after all, we will need the extra caffeine to keep up with the kids after enjoying their twelfth Drumstick or Sherbet Dip Dab. 

Themed Party 

Get creative this year and throw a themed Halloween party. The Addams Family or Alice in Wonderland anyone? Have guests create their own signature spooky cocktails or host a fun costume catwalk so guests can show who is best dressed.  

We have some incredible Halloween décor ideas over on our Pinterest, from gorgeous garlands and tremendous table settings. No matter how you choose to celebrate this year, there is something for everyone.  

 Pull an All-Dayer 

The fun doesn’t have to start in the evening. There are plenty of ways to feel that Halloween-high throughout the day!  

With pumpkin patches to visit, Halloween editions of local historical tours to follow and apple orchards to collect bobbing supplies, it is the perfect excuse to get your friends or family together. 

 Make this Year Special 

You and I both know the kids will be bouncing off the walls after they return from trick or treating…so why not put all that energy to good use with some fun activities everyone can get involved in? 

Host a horror movie night, serving pumpkin-spiced popcorn and hot chocolates, get the whole street involved for a spooky parade or set up a scavenger hunt. 

If there is one thing that recent years have taught us, it is that spending time with others is precious, so, whatever you decide to do this Halloween, make it special! 


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