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Between ever-changing trends and finding the right fit, navigating the world of fashion can be somewhat of a challenge. We have put together some of our favourite tips to make looking and feeling your best that little bit easier! 

Match Your Bag to your Shoes & Belt

If you struggle to find which accessories to wear with your outfits, a good base is to match your bag, shoes and belt to each other. Add a pop of colour to your favourite LBD with pink shoes and a matching bag such as the Conkca 'Rolla' cross body bag in Blush.

Alternatively, when you want the clothes to do the talking, you can opt for neutral-coloured accessories with a bold and bright fit. The 'Lytham' cross body clutch bag in black from the Pure Luxuries London Couture Collection is the perfect choice for an understated and sophisticated addition to your outfit. 

Fashion & Style are Not the Same Things

Fashion and style are two different things. Finding your own personal style is the key to being an omniscient fashionista. Once you have that down, the rest will fall into place! 

Style is personal. It is your favourite colours, fabrics, patterns and fits. Embracing your personal style makes you feel your best on the worst days and should reflect your personality. Fashion, however, consists of collective, everchanging trends created by designers and fashion houses. 

The best part is combining the two. Once you have found your personal style, you can update your look with individual on-trend pieces and find inspiration from seasonal fashion shows that work for you and your look. 

Fashion changes from season to season, style is timeless. 

Pair Baggy & Tight Clothing to Create Dimension 

As a general rule of thumb, stylists advise pairing loose clothing with more fitted garments to create a fashionable silhouette. Pair loose-fitting tops with tight bottoms (like an oversized knit with a pair of cigarette trousers) or, the opposite, team a tight top with baggy bottoms (such as a camisole with flares). 

While this is a fool-proof way to create dimension, there are other ways that you can add depth and drama to your outfit for an extra polished and pristine look. This can be as simple as the right kind of tuck, layering a longline coat over a figure-hugging outfit or pairing a dainty bag (such as the Conkca 'Cherish' clutch bag in Conker Brown) with oversized clothing. 

Remember, your hair is one of your most prized accessories. Balance out baggy garments with sleek and polished hairstyles (such as a slick-back low bun with an oversized knit dress) or voluminous, bouncy curls with slim-fitting looks.

A scarf like the 'Venus' cashmere and merino wool scarf from the All Seasons Collection by Pure Luxuries London is also a fun way to add a little colour, pattern or volume to an outfit.

Create Illusions with Clothes

Clothes can create all kinds of illusions, from appearing taller to having a smaller waist or giving the illusion of curves. When we pair light tops with dark trousers (and vice versa), we break up our outfits, making us appear shorter.

Give the illusion of extra height by wearing monochromatic outfits or stick to one shade throughout your look to create long lines and lengthen your silhouette. The rule can also be applied to our footwear, wearing the same colour shoes as your trousers or pairing nude heels with a statement dress will give you legs for days. 

You can use patterns in the same way as colours to accentuate your favourite features. Vertical stripes make you look longer and leaner, whereas horizontal stripes add the illusion of curves. You can also look for garments with detail around the waist to help it appear smaller - get creative!

A Little Sparkle Makes Everything Better 

Jewellery can transform an outfit from minimal and monochromatic to a luxurious statement in a flash. Who says diamonds are just for the evening? Follow in Coco Chanel’s footsteps and opt for the more-is-more approach. 

I love to layer necklaces with simple and understated outfits such as roll-neck tops and white shirts. The 'Girona' necklace and 'Hesse' pendant from the Pure Luxuries London jewellery line look beautiful when layered together for an effortlessly elegant look. 

Don’t Wear Clothes to Hide, Wear Them to Highlight

Many people use clothes to hide insecurities, but we should never hide our beautiful bodies! Instead, focus on the features you love the most about yourself and use your clothes to highlight them. 

If you are lucky enough to have envious curves, show them off! Legs for days? Embrace the mini-skirt trend! Even something as simple as showing a little collarbone or ankle can add a feminine touch to any outfit.

.       .       .

To summarise, wear the clothes you love, show off your incredible figure, match your shoes to your bag and never be afraid to accessorise! Follow these rules, and you will always look and feel your best.

Do you have any fashion secrets that we missed off this list? We would love to hear them! Join the conversation on our social media and head to our Pinterest for daily fashion and lifestyle inspiration. 

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