Welcome to the New Pure Luxuries Site

Welcome to the new Pure Luxuries London Website!

Our technical team have been hard at work to renovate the Pure Luxuries London website with a new look and feel. We've overhauled our design to hopefully give it a more modern and sleek look. We hope our loyal customers love the new look as much as us. 

While not much will look like it has changed on the surface we have a couple of features that we think you will love. 

Multiple ways to pay

We wanted to give our customers a bit more choice across the board and in particular with how they pay. Old favourites such as card payments and PayPal are back but even more streamlined for easy and effortless purchasing. 

Alongside these, we have some new methods of payment in Google Pay and Shop Pay for even more secure ways to buy your new favourite accessory. 

Streamlined Checkout

Alongside more ways to buy, our team have been hard at work to simplify the checkout process with a less cluttered experience.

Extra precautions has been taken with the ability to save your information for quicker checkout in the future for returning customers.  

Mobile Navigation

We know our customers love to shop on their mobile phones so we've spent some time improving that experience for all users. Easier to search and find the categories you need. Now you will be able to find your new look easier thanks to our slick design.

Exclusive Sale

Don't forget to sign up for our exclusive newsletter filled with exquisite discounts and style tips. Most importantly 50% off all products for our relaunch as a warm welcome back to Pure Luxuries London. All you need to do is checkout as normal. Keep your eyes out for new offers in the coming weeks. 

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