Small Bags, Big Personalities

Bags, much like clothes, are a form of expression - a way of portraying your personality - but the constant need to follow the latest fashion trends is a difficult line to walk. Sometimes you might have an exciting party in the pipeline, or a more understated affair to attend, and finding the right balance between dressing appropriately and maintaining your individual style can be difficult.

Introvert Extrovert and Ambivert

You can usually tell between an extrovert and an introvert just from what they are wearing. Whichever category you fall into we have the perfect accessories for you.

The Introvert

Hidden under bundles of cosy and warming clothes when the weather is cold, introverts like the comfort and simple nature of a knitted thick jumper. Typically they like to wear neutral tones and only veer towards bold colours when making a statement or attending a special event.

Women alone in field - Introverted

Introversion has many positives when it comes to fashion, as the lack of concern for trends allows introverts to express their true selves through what they wear . For many introverts, following the crowd is as undesirable as standing out from the crowd - a difficult balance to strike.

Introverts are people that recharge best when they are alone and far away from the centre of attention.

Rolla Model Shot

The perfect bag for the introvert, as it expresses personality while blending in with subtle, neutral tones, is the 'Rolla' Leather Cross-Body Bag which is available in Dark Tan, Black, Chilli Pepper and Snorkel Blue.

The Extrovert

The life of the party and the attention thirsty member of your friendship group, extroverts are bold and live for fashion. They are likely to keep up with the latest trends and their clothing will reflect what celebrities are currently wearing.

Extroverts often wear bright colours and eye-catching patterns and love to be the centre of attention. Every item of clothing they own is different and made to command the attention of their peers.

Extroverted Group of Friends

The extrovert does not need time alone to be at their peak and instead enjoys the company of friends and recharges using the energy of others.


Inspired by the attention grabbing attitude of an extrovert, the 'Giselle' Leather Cross Body Bag is the ideal bag for the lively member of your group - thanks to the natural pebbled leather finish and sleek fold and zip-over design which opens up to reveal a beautiful, eye-catching and spacious central compartment. Available in a plethora of colours - there is one for every personality type. 

The Ambivert

The midpoint between an introvert and an extrovert, the ambivert is the adaptable mixture of the two extremes and is hard to spot in a social situation.

Depending on the people in the situation, ambiverts can fluctuate between wanting to be the centre of attention and being far away from it. This all depends on who is at the social event - is it just close friends or acquaintances? - and how comfortable they feel.

Ambivert Group of Friends

Their mood dictates what they wear: it could be a cosy and familiar jumper or something more bright and bold, or it could be a mixture of familiar and new. Ambiverts are the enigmas of the fashion world, with their personality taking charge over their clothing choices.

The perfect clash of neutral tones and bold colours, the 'Ambleside' Leather Cross Body Bag is the perfect small bag for any Ambivert looking for a versatile and beautiful bag to reflect their personality. The ‘Ambleside’ is available in many different and distinct colours for any personality, and are all available here.

Whatever personality type you are, we are sure to have a bag to match you. All of our bags are made from luxurious leather and are available at Pure Luxuries.

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