Royally Chic: Celebrate the King's Coronation in Style with Our Sustainable Leather Bags

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Whether a Royalist or not, we all want to look the part for the King’s Coronation. Whether enjoying the festivities or just the long bank weekend, whatever your plans, finding a style that suits you is paramount. 

Below we have a few gold standard leather styles to perfect your look.

Crowning Cross Body

The ultimate definition of style and function, the multi-toned of the ‘Lauryn’ Orchid, Blush and Plum Cross Body Bag is perfect for adding that stylish finish to an outfit while being spacious for all your essentials. 

This is perfect for popping out to a street party and enjoying a slice of the Coronation dish which is the quintessential quiche and the general party vibes. Maybe some Pimms in one hand will help as well. 

For those looking to replicate a recent look by Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, we recommend the ‘Langdale’ Black Leather Cross Body Bag. This elegant design elevates any look day or night, thanks to the Gold Standard Leather. 

Handbag Fit for a Queen

For those looking to celebrate this historic moment out and about at your local pub or pubs, then look no further than the ‘Poppy’ Navy Leather Handbag. A great way of adding a royal colour on the day of celebrations. 

Perfect for everyday use also thanks to the trio of compartments alongside the attractive overlay slips pockets. Function and bold - perfect for any occasion. 

Tote-ally Regal

For those looking to enjoy some quiet shopping in a nearby city, the ‘Freer’ Cashmere Blue Leather Tote Bag offers ample storage for all your needs when out and about in a slouchy and relaxed form. 

Ideal for any event and whether a shopping trip to escape the festivities or deep in the street parties, this will serve you well. 

Blushing Backpack

For those that need hands-free for keeping children under control or even husbands at street parties. The ‘Rubens’ backpack in bold Cherry. Adding a much needed red to our mixture of blues. 

Perfect for casual affairs and just exploring, so any plans for some time away, this will come in handy.

Classy Clutch 

Those looking to go out and about, we love the ‘Golders’ Cashmere Blue Leather Clutch Bag. Perfectly sized for anything you could need on a night out and the ideal companion for the Bank Holiday weekend. 

Elegant and regal, this is a must-have for any season. The pastel of the blue makes it ideal for adding a pop of colour. 

Whether you will be celebrating the day in full force or simply enjoying the long bank holiday, we hope that you have a great time and in style. 

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