Refreshing Your Wardrobe for Spring: Cleanout Tips and Tricks

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As spring's gentle warmth envelops us, it's the ideal moment to breathe new life into your closet and wave goodbye to winter's layers. Embrace vibrant colours, breezy fabrics, and a wardrobe brimming with renewed energy. Here at Pure Luxuries, we recognise the significance of refreshing your wardrobe, which is why we've gathered a collection of expert tips to guide you through your spring closet cleanout effortlessly.

Declutter with Purpose

Start by assessing your wardrobe and separating items into three categories: keep, donate/sell, and bin. Try not to hold on to pieces that you no longer wear or match your style.

Seasonal Rotation

Store bulky winter coats, sweaters, and boots to make room for spring essentials like flowy dresses, lightweight jackets, and sandals. Vacuum-sealed bags or storage boxes are ideal for preserving winter items until next year, and a little air freshener for your clothes to stay fresh.


Mix and Match

Get creative with your outfits by experimenting with different combinations of clothing items. Pair a classic blazer with a floral dress or layer a lightweight sweater over a blouse for added versatility. These can be re-done multiple times with outfits, really giving you a capsule wardrobe

Invest in Quality

Treat yourself to timeless pieces that will stand the test of time. From luxurious leather totes to elegant scarves, browse our collection of premium accessories to elevate your spring wardrobe.

Organise Efficiently

Utilise storage solutions such as bins, dividers, and hanging organisers to maximise space and keep your wardrobe tidy, this will help when you come to your morning routine of ‘what to wear’ today dilemma, trust me. Arrange clothing items by category, colour, or season for easy access. Save space by rolling jeans and trousers.

Donate Responsibly

Share the warmth of spring by donating your preloved clothing to local charities or organisations in your community. Not only does it feel good to give back, but it also creates space for fresh additions to your wardrobe.

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