Mother’s Day - Gifts & Things To Do

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Mother’s Day is a special day for many whether new mothers, veteran mothers or even grandmothers. This is the time to treat them to a special treat and gift that will be bound to impress. Here at Pure Luxuries, we have put together our ultimate list of ideas to truly make it a day to remember. 

Peace and Quiet

After a full day of stress, most mothers would love the chance to soak in a soothing bath and imagine that with an extra touch of luxury. This ‘Spa Night in Gift Set” from Letterbox Gifts is the perfect way to transform an ordinary bath into a relaxing soak and relieve the stress of the day.

Pair this with our own dressing gown which comes in a multitude colours and names if you are to believe our own Rory, who calls it a housecoat. Add a luxurious Levens 100% cashmere eye mask to complete the relaxing evening ahead. 

Get Away

For those mums looking to escape the house, why not book a night or two away. Whether you plan a mother and daughter trip or give those new parents a night away, you can’t go wrong. The true question is whether to go for peace in the countryside or a night out in the bustle of a city. I know which I would prefer, a secluded cabin in the countryside and maybe a hot tub for after those long walks.

If you are planning a surprise trip away, you have to treat them to some travel essentials such as a classic and spacious holdall. The Ocean is a personal favourite and a great unisex accessory. Might as well grab a washbag or one of our lovely Mayfair Collection Make-Up Bags to round out the gift.

Add Some Sparkle

Jewellery is always a winner for making the occasion more special. Why not treat your mother to a set of jewellery that will elevate her look ready for any occasion. 

Our personal favourite selection is this set of caged pearls designs that are unique and eye-catching. Starting with the Sandra earrings in yellow gold, matched with the Evora necklace and the Lucy bracelet. This trio is a match made in heaven and perfect as a gift this Mother’s Day. 

Always On-The-Go

For the mum who seems to be everywhere at once, why not treat them to a bag to suit their life. Our personal choice would be a tote bag, one that is perfect for every occasion, day or night and for any situation.

Whether shopping, a night away or commuting to work, our range of totes are a must-have. In the astonishing Misty Rose and Smoky Blue, our Prestige Collection features some of my favourite spacious accessories, perfect for any time of the day. My personal choice would have to be the Milton in the eye-catching Misty Rose. 

We want to wish all a happy Mother’s Day this year, from all of us at Pure Luxuries and we hope you are treated to some lovely gifts and memories.

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