How to Celebrate This Father's Day

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Father’s Day is coming up this weekend, and we think we should make this year one to remember! Each inspiring father figure in our life deserves a day that is all about them, from the football fanatics and the petrol heads to the adrenaline junkies and the music buffs, there are so many ways we can show our love on this special day.

We understand that every family is beautifully unique, so, whether you are lucky enough to be celebrating with more than one pops, are showing your love from overseas or are remembering the favourite men in your life, we have tried to include an idea for everyone on this list. 

So, let’s take a look at how we can make this Father’s Day extra special and how the Pure Luxuries London team will be celebrating this year!

The Petrol Head Pops

We all know a petrol head and our office photographer; Richard is our resident car fanatic. He is always here to give us the latest motoring updates, even if we haven’t got a clue what he is talking about 80% of the time. If you have your own Richard in your life, he has some great suggestions for this Father’s Day.

“Every town and city has regular car meets for all kinds of enthusiasts, and many of them fall on a Sunday! So, whether the father figure in your life is about the classic cars or the supercars, you will likely find an event near you. If you struggle, there are plenty of car-related experience days that you can get your hands on. Why not treat them to a day test-driving their dream car or even visiting their favourite racing track! This is also a great gift idea if you and your dad live in different countries as it can be arranged close to them”

The Outdoor Junkie Dad

If your dad is a lover of the outdoors, take a leaf out of our writer, Rachael’s book and spend the day exploring!

“We are planning a weekend camping trip filled with bike rides, hiking, and a little boat trip to make the most of this Father’s Day. If you are lucky enough to live by the countryside, it is a great way to spend time as a family or if you are in the city, a lovely picnic is my idea of a perfect afternoon!”

The Foodie Father

Here is one for the foodie fathers out there. Food sometimes really is the key to a man’s heart, especially if they are anything like our office chef, Dan, who almost brings a gourmet two-course meal for lunch each day. So, we wonder how Dan will be treating his dad this Father’s Day…

 “I have a few ideas in mind about how to spend this Father’s Day. All food-related, of course. If we are lucky enough to have a sunny day, I will be dusting off the BBQ and patio chairs and spending some quality time together. If we have rain, we will take the party indoors and I will be cooking the perfect steak! For those with children, why not cook a meal together as a family? There may be a bit of a mess, but perhaps you’ll find you have a budding chef in the making?”

The History Buff

Some may yawn at the thought of spending a day travelling back in time, but not my dad! My family is obsessed with history, so, each year we like to treat my dad to a family trip to an art gallery or museum that he hasn’t been to before, followed by a few mega pints of real ale.

This year, however, we are trying something a little bit different. My brother and I have been putting together a family tree for the past year and after going back 300 years and even visiting the London Metropolitan Archives, we are finally ready to show him the results! If you haven’t already started building your family tree, you can always do one together as a family and involve your dad. It is a great opportunity for him to share his own memories about past family members and let you in on a little family history you may never have known before.

Football Fan

Here in the UK, we have many football fans! In our office we have a few, from our agony aunt, Faye, to our managing director and designer Mr Kennedy, however, this year, it is the office computer whizz, Rory who is treating his dad to a football-themed Father’s Day.

“I may not be the biggest fan of football myself, however, my dad certainly is! He is a huge Manchester United supporter, so, this year I have arranged a tour around the Old Trafford Centre with him, followed by a few well-deserved beers. There are many stadiums offering tours, all you have to do is book in advance!”

Remembering Our Father Figures

For many of us, Father’s Day is about remembering and paying tribute to the lights of our life, and our office agony aunt, Faye tells us just how special you can still make this day. 

“This year I will be running the Great North Run in honour of my Father and all those that were taken too early by road traffic accidents. The charity is called RoadPeace which helps victims' families tragically lost by road incidents. During times like Father’s Day and other anniversaries, our family often come together and remember by looking at old photographs and talk of memories they have of our Father.” 

Faye’s touching tribute is inspirational and the perfect way to pay tribute to the father figure who is no longer with us. A sponsored run or looking through old photographs with family is a beautiful way to remember the amazing person they were. 

We hope our ideas have given you a little inspiration on how to spend this Father’s Day. Whether you are spending it outdoors or indoors, we hope you have a beautiful day and make lots of memories together as a family. Don’t forget, if you are looking for a little giftspiration, check out Dan’s latest blog about the Perfect Father’s Day Gifts and head over to our Pinterest to find some more tips and tricks on how to make this Father’s Day extra special! Happy Father’s Day!

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