Great British Bake Off - Week 4 - Chocolate

Another week, another set of challenging rounds for the contestants. This week they were faced with the dreaded chocolate week. With a mixture of brownies, bread and a tiered cake - this was a tough week. 


This week started with classic brownies and everyone has their own special recipes and their own special way of making them gooey in the centre. Our favorite basic recipe is the best ever chocolate brownies from BBC Good Food which makes 16 squares which is plenty to get you through the next episode of Bake Off. 

If you are looking to make something a little more decadent then we love these salted caramel brownies which while need a little more skill to make the caramel but perfect for showing off. If dark and milk chocolate aren’t your favourite then we suggest this blondies recipe from Live Well Bake Often - a motto I can get behind. 


Next up was the chocolate babka bread which features a chewy fudgy texture which is punctuated by hazelnuts. A match made in heaven. This recipe is from Paul Holywood but with more details than the contestants receive. Not a bad treat for just over an hour of active and baking time. 


Now I love white chocolate but a tiered cake might be a step too far for me and I don't think I could bring myself to indulge in one myself. 

Would you be able to tackle this challenge? What would be your inspiration and design?

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