Great British Bake Off - Week 2 - Biscuits

Another week, another contestant gone. That doesn’t mean you can’t get in the kitchen and get stuck in. This week was biscuits and while I am in no rush to make my own show stopper, there were some delectable treats in the signature and technical rounds that would be perfect to bake at home. So get your ovens ready and bake. 


This week started with the fruity, nutty and topped Florentine biscuits. With its crisp snap yet chewy texture, this is a balancing act of cooking till they are just right. Now she might have left the bake off tent but Mary Berry’s recipe is simple yet packed with flavoursome ingredients and topped with some classic chocolate. 

For those of you who are vegan, we love this recipe from Lazy Cat Kitchen which has a lovely shine to them and topped with vegan chocolate. This is perfect for something a bit different from the cupboard staples. 


Onto the technical challenge which saw the contestants taking on macaroons as set by Prue Leith who has luckily provided a slightly more detailed recipe here. Mango was clearly a favourite this week with plenty using the fruit in the signature and now in curd form. The silky curd looked amazing but could easily be swapped out for a lemon curd or any curd you can make.


I know I can barely put together flat pack furniture without a few stressful moments never mind a biscuit centrepiece so I can’t see myself ever making one of these. 

Would you be able to tackle this challenge? What would be your inspiration and design?

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