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Here at Pure Luxuries, we have been working on being more environmentally friendly.  This philosophy has been applied to our Eco Collections across Conkca, Cultured and Pure Luxuries London. Our team has put together a little guide to explain why unlined is a must-have this season. 

Simpler Than Ever

We all like to be organised, but sometimes having a grab and go bag is great for those last minute adventures and for those who are always on-the-go. 

Our ‘Ripley’ from the Pure Luxuries Prestige Collection is the perfect example of this. This spacious tote is unlined and comes with fuss-free storage, perfect for ensuring you have everything in one place without any hidden compartments. 

Soft and Supple

Another bonus of investing in an unlined accessory is that you get leather in its most stripped back form. Unlined means you can see and feel the luxurious and supple back of the leather. This gives it a rustic feel while adding a layer of sophistication unlike any. 

One of our original unlined designs, the ‘Freer’ is still going strong with the vibrant yet subtle blush pink, a favourite of our Pure Luxuries Eco Collection. The exposed leather is soft to the touch for an exquisitely beautiful interior. For that extra bonus none of our bags lined or unlined use polyester or plastics in the lining. 

Environmentally Friendly

Our unlined ranges are part of our ongoing journey to a greener future, eliminating the use of plastics and polyester linings. Combined with the use of Leather Working Group (LWG) Gold Standard certified leather used across our collections; we are constantly looking for ways to make our accessories both long lasting and more friendly to the Earth. 

Our Hillingdon in tan comes from our Cultured London Elementary Collection is a must-have thanks to the classic design with contemporary touches. 

Vegetable-Tanned Leather

Another way we have been working to be more sustainable is changing our process at the source. Vegetable-tanned leather swaps chemicals for natural tannins such as bark which gives it a more varied tone and patina and gives it a sturdy and rigid feeling. 

This is perfect for our ombré chestnut Butler backpack from the Conkca London Camden Collection which is inspired by the rustic yet charming borough of London. 

Whether the unlined life is for you or not, we hope this has given you more insight into the push towards sustainability that has become key for us over the years.

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