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From our Conkca range, we are highlighting our Originals Collection, a timeless range that has kept growing year on year. With the rustic yet elegant leather and designs that have become mainstays alongside the refreshed contemporary silhouettes that are made to impress. 

Let’s take a closer look at some styles, classic and incoming that are going to wow. 

Mighty But Dink(y) 

If we are talking about Conkca, we cannot overlook this must-have classic. Taking the classic cross body design and applying the Conkca touch, this elevated design especially in the vibrant Chilli Pepper is a burst of colour that is the perfect for any outfit. 

A sleek and simple design finished with the eye-catching squirrel charm (more on that later) gives this silhouette a distinctive look like no other. 

Life Saver

For those looking for a larger bag with ample space for your everyday essentials, look no further than the ‘Monique’. This elegant accessory in the classic black, is as classic as a black dress. The perfect bag for day or night, casual or formal and everything in between. 

Metal fittings on the zip and handles add a rustic touch and pop of colour against the beautifully smooth black leather. Timeless but with contemporary touches. Style and substance at its finest. 


Blending functionality with stylish design choices is a fine line to walk, the ‘Zoe’ backpack does this with ease and in the Conker Brown that is synonymous with Conkca. This compact but spacious design is a worthwhile addition to any outfit, especially sight seeing in a new city. 

Unique and sleek, this backpack with the slanted front pockets, ideal for on-the-storage combined with the comfortable canvas shoulder straps for all day wear. 


Some colours clash, others meld together and make an outfit sing. That’s the aim with some of our latest designs. Taking classic and well-loved designs and updating them with eye-catching tones, such as the beautiful Buzz in old favourite Chilli Pepper and the new favourite Blush. The perfect blend of classic and new. 

Keep an eye out for even more multi-toned looks to elevate your look this autumn. 


It wouldn’t be Conkca without our little furry friend logo, the Conkca squirrel has become a mainstay of this range, whether embossed, a metal version or just as that rustic hanging charm. This little guy is all over our styles from purses to handbags. 

The brass tones of the metal fittings and logo meld so well with any colours - both of the bags and your outfit, giving every look a signature look that is memorable and iconic. 

Don’t Forget About the Men

Although our main focus is Women’s bags we haven’t forgotten about the Men whether in your life or you are looking for yourself. We have a selection of commuter favourites and travel accessories.

Our personal favourite is the handsomely rugged and reliable Orton in the synonymous Conker Brown. Paired with the unique Mere hanging washbag, a match made in heaven and a great accessory for the commute, gym workouts or even travel. The perfect all rounder. 

Rolling Design

Thanks to the timeless leather finish and designs, it has meant favourites have been able to come back again and again. This is personified in the quirky favourite Rolla which has been a firm staple of the Conkca brand and new colours have been introduced. 

This style in the deep Snorkel Blue is the perfect out there colour that just works. Ideal for making a splash (pun intended).  

Whether looking for a new bag or an old classic, Conkca has everything you need and more to reinvent your look with ease.

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