Face Masks - Dos and Don'ts

With face covering to become mandatory for entering shops from 24th July, we thought we would offer a few of our personal favourites that are both stylish and functional.

For those looking to add a splash of colour, the beautiful and well-fitting Paisley designed face mask that comes in black, blue and red. As an added bonus you get a bottle of free sanitiser that fits perfectly in your pocket or bag. Perfect for all the family with one size fits all. 

With everyone requiring face coverings, even children. One way to avoid lockdown boredom is to make your own. This crafty yet functional project is perfect for making sure it fits you perfectly and snugly as advised. The government have this handy basic guide but why not go that extra mile and decorate them yourself. Stuck for inspiration checkout this hashtag

For those looking for a disposable option - look no further than these general use face masks - which are ideal for a quick trip to the shop for the essentials. Functionality is first and foremost for these. 

Dos of Face Masks

  • Do wash your hands before putting on your mask and when removing it 
  • Do remove your mask using the straps
  • Do wear a mask that fits snugly around nose and mouth
  • Do clean your washable mask after use on a high heat

  • Don’ts of Face Masks

  • Don’t allow your mask to give you a false sense of security - it is an added layer of protection for you and others
  • Don’t remove your mask to talk to people
  • Don’t touch your mask 
  • Don’t wear a damaged mask

  • Most importantly even with a mask on please try and keep up to 1 metre plus away from others.

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