Easter Recipes to Feed the Family

With Spring well underway and the sunny weather starting to peek through, Easter is the perfect time to start testing those summer meals. As the resident office chef, I have put together a few meal ideas to keep the whole family happy, and maybe even a little sleepy. 

Seasonality and Sustainability  

With sustainability being at the forefront of many discussions at the moment, seasonality in cooking is a key way to make the basic need to eat that much more sustainable and rewarding. 

Around Easter we see a number of big foods come into their prime such as peas, carrots and asparagus and that’s just the savoury. Add on top of that the classic rhubarb is in season, you can start experimenting with these flavourful combinations and create classic and new recipes for all the family. 

Simply Recipes have put together a full list of seasonal veg and fruit with plenty of ideas to get you started. 

A little research can transform a dish to a new level thanks to the freshest vegetables and fruit. 

Three Course of Perfection

Lamb is the go to meat for this time of year and a Roast is the best way to showcase this piece. 

Start the meal with a simple and elegant, pea, mint and spring onion soup (another seasonal produce) for a refreshingly light start to the meal. Perfect for vegetarians and carnivores alike.

My personal favourite for this time of year is a leg of lamb cooked low and slow for that melt in your mouth deliciousness. Add some classic fixing for your meal like roasted potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and your seasonal veg of choice. 

For those catering to vegetarians and vegans, the main should be something memorable and mouth-watering even for those tucking into lamb. My personal favourite as a flexitarian is a delicious asparagus and cashew cheese tart from My Darling Vegan, served with all the same seasonal veg so you don’t end up exhausting yourself. 

Finish the meal with some vegan Hot Cross Buns, homemade of course. These Easter staples can be made vegan thanks to this recipe from BBC Good Food

It wouldn’t be Easter without engorging yourself in chocolate, for those who can’t resist themselves, here is the perfect recipe for the children to join in and help make some luxurious cake pops. If you have a baking disaster like I’m prone to then maybe go for a simple rhubarb crumble topped with luxurious custard (we won’t judge you for buying in). 

We hope however you spend your long Easter weekend, you have lovely time with those you love and make sure to eat plenty of chocolate. 

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