Autumn Getaway Destinations: Perfect Essentials to Pack

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As the weather gets more and more glum, we are getting that wanderlust feeling. Dreaming of a change of scenery, whether sand and sea or maybe just a city break, we have compiled some dreamy locations and the styles we would take with us. 

Find your holiday look with Pure Luxuries. 


A chill night away in the countryside does sound like a dream as an escape from the normal day to day. Whether you choose to camp, glamp or just book a cabin in the woods, this autumn is the ideal time to unwind far from the rest of the world. Curling up with a book, focusing on a hobby or just aimlessly wandering - it sounds like heaven to me. 

The ideal bag for this break has to be a holdall. One bag for a long weekend sounds ideal. Maybe an extra bag with enough books to keep you entertained for the bookworm. 

For this trip, we would recommend the ‘Ocean’ Brown Leather Holdall. A spacious and stylish travel accessory for any break. 

City Break 

For those that prefer the city to the countryside whether somewhere close to home or further away. We love a trip into the city to top up our wardrobe and overhaul your look as we head into winter. 

As a foodie I love planning an exquisite meal to really top off the night away and really make the break extra special. 

For a city break, you need a bag that can translate from day to night elegantly. That is why the ‘Emma’ grab bag from Pure Luxuries London’s Marylebone Collection is ideal in the striking black. The unique crescent shaped design elevates any outfit and makes any evening special. 

A Night at the Theatre

With theatres across the UK and travelling shows sweeping the nation, finding a musical, comedian or play near you is an ideal night out. It’s the perfect reason to go out and dress up. Make an evening of it while staying inside enjoying great entertainment. 

Combine this with a night away in a nearby city and you have a lovely time.

That is why the ’Selene’ cross body in the brilliant Navy is a must-have thanks to the unique satchel-like design that is sophisticated and elegant. 

Christmas Markets

For this one make sure you wrap up warm and grab either a mulled wine or hot chocolate and explore a winter wonderland. Whether heading north or south, you will find a Christmas Market near you. 

Whether looking for ideas for the gifting season or just a lovely walk through the illuminated rows of stalls gorging on the foods and drinks that catch your eye, a tote bag is an ideal accessory. 

The oversized design of the ‘Patience’ in the vibrantly Christmassy Chilli Pepper is a must have from the Conkca Originals Collection. The unique overlapping slip pockets on the front of the bag are an attractive touch and complements the spacious design. 

What are your plans for autumn and into winter? Where is your ideal location?

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