Halloween - Things To Do This Spooky Season

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Spooky season is upon us and whether you’re squeamish or unfazed by the festivities surrounding the day, we have compiled some ideas for Halloween for all ages. 

Now get your fangs at the ready and sink into the spine-chilling suggestions to make your Halloween the best. 

Movie Night

You can’t go wrong with a movie night on Halloween night. A classic in our house is Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice and bonus points if you dress up for the occasion, dyed green hair and all. Might make work the next day interesting but who cares when you’ve had fun. 

For those looking for a more child friendly watch, maybe go for Hocus Pocus and with the new one released on Disney+, it’s the perfect double feature. 

For those looking for something with an edge (literally), the Halloween series might be a must watch for really getting the blood pumping. This Jamie Lee Curtis classic has the jumps and scares to keep even the most resilient awake at night. 


Often forgotten about in the build up but decorations are a great way to get the children (and some adults) excited for the night of tricks ‘n’ treats. This aspect is usually overshadowed by Christmas. 

Pumpkins are a must and there is where creativity really comes into play. Take the time to plan before carving for a truly awe-inspiring finished product. 

Outside the classics, spiders made from balloons and string and a little spray paint or acrylic paint have become a must do even if they give me the heebie jeebies. Great fun for all the family. 

For even more inspiration check out our Pinterest. 


What better excuse to make a cocktail than to put it in a cauldron for a witch’s brew. A great cocktail name if you ask me. 

Now the question is what to put in it, that is the question. 

You could go with the classic Zombie, this tiki cocktail has roots in America as far back as 1934 and remains mostly unchanged. The mixture of white and dark rum alongside the fruity notes and elements make it an easy drink to make and enjoy. 

For those looking for a non-alcoholic option, a pomegranate and rosemary shrub is suitably ghoulish without the need for alcohol or even artificial colourings. A beautiful mix of apple cider vinegar and fruit for a punchy yet refreshing drink 

Pumpkin Patch 

Pumpkin carving is the quintessential Halloween pass time as we previously mentioned and why not make a day of it to find the truly pumpkin of your dream. 

Like an artist finding the perfect canvas, take the day at a pumpkin patch near you to find your slightly odd shaped pumpkin for your carved magnum opus. 

Dressing Up

The most important part is finding the look for you and if you can even begin to arrange a group outfit, then best of luck to you. Ranging from the comedic to the truly terrifying, striking that balance is a fine line. 

We lean more towards the laugh than scare side of things. Maybe that is our wimp sides showing 

Looking for more inspiration we have ideas for all ages and groups over on our Pinterest

Whatever your plans this Halloween, we hope you have a great time. Share with us your pumpkin creations using the hashtag #PLPumpkins. Can’t wait to see your gruesome creations.

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