As we transition from the bitter winter months to the glorious months of summer, we are greeted by spring; the days are longer and brighter at last. With the new season comes a new set of trends and here at Pure Luxuries we have the perfect guide for the latest fashion trends and the most eye-catching accessories you should be adding to your wardrobe this spring.


Neutral Colours


The perfect trendy outfit for this spring season (Credit: iStock)


Fashion isn’t always about being the brightest and boldest on the runway - sometimes something more understated like a blissful beige colour prevails. As seen trending on runways across the globe, neutral colours have become a firm favourite in the fashion world this season.


Simple and elegant neutral tones can be worn with almost any outfit and transform a beautiful bag into a versatile must-have accessory for all occasions. We love our range of tan, brown and taupe designs as they are perfect accessories for achieving a classic look.


Some of our best neutral tones bags in a wide range of styles


The ‘Avril’ Taupe Grey Leather Cross Body Bag (1) is one of our most popular on-trend designs and is adorned with brilliantly stylised and unique slip pouches.


Conkca’s own 'Monique' Conker Brown Leather Tote Bag (2) is again a beautiful yet minimalist addition to any outfit. With gold metal fittings truly standing out against the blank canvas of the leather, the ‘Monique’ is a perfect accessory for easily expressing your style.  


For a more casual and comfortable accessory, look no further than the 'Anoushka' Dark Tan Leather Backpack (3) which is perfect as either a backpack or a handbag thanks to its dual purpose design. One of our many unique designs, the 'Anoushka' looks especially beautiful and on-trend in neutral tan.




A look that will likely catch on in the season to come (Credit: iStock)


A trend that returns every so often is block colours and neon has definitely made an a comeback on this year's runaway and spring trends.


We have plenty of bags and purses for you to choose from in the trending bright tones, such as the eye-catching Orchid. This striking pink illuminates and highlights any outfit whilst bestowing the whole design with an elegant neon finish.


A selection of our neon inspired products which are bound to impress


The bold and vibrant colour of the ‘Yasmin’ Orchid Leather Cross Body Bag (2) and the ‘Kendal’ Orchid Leather Backpack (3)  are perfect for those looking for an accessory that stands out among the crowd.


For even more neon influenced colours look no further than our range of Burnt Orange accessories that are bound to impress and light up your mood after winter. The highlight of this colour collection being the distinct and unique 'Zoe' (1), a backpack with plenty of personality and style.




Pastel pink is going to be one of the must-have colours this season (Credit: iStock)


On the other end of the scale to the neon, we have our delicate Blush Pink which, although a recent addition to our line, has already become a firm favourite - especially our ‘Korin’ Cross Body Bag (1) which includes a unique fold-down top.  


Pastels have become a must-have thanks to their understated colours, which match perfectly with almost everything thanks to the versatility of the tones. They are bright without overpowering and perfect to accessorise without fear.


A selection of our beautiful Blush Pink bags - must-haves this spring


Alongside the elegantly designed ‘Korin’ is the equally beautiful ‘Henna’ Blush Pink Handbag (2) which makes for a beautiful addition to any outfit and is perfect day or night in any occasion. With a simple yet modern silhouette, this bag fits perfectly into your life and fits all essentials with ease.


Black Cross Body Bags


Sometimes fashion comes full circle, returning to the perpetually popular and sophisticated classics. Nothing is as classic as a little black bag - but why settle for something dated when you can be unique and bold with a contemporary design and look.


We have a range of designs which modernise the traditional cross body bag, breathing new life into an all too often uninteresting accessory.  


Our selection of must-have cross body bags


From multiple central compartments secured with eye-catching gold fittings to gorgeous signature charms, these beautiful and diverse cross body bags provide a modern twist on your favourite classic designs. For just a taste of our range of modern and beautifully distinct cross body bags then look no further than the ’Rolla’ Black Leather Cross Body Bag (1) and the ‘Kay’ Ebony Leather Cross Body Bag (3). Both of these designs elevate the classic style into something much more elegant.


If you are looking for something with a larger storage capacity then the 'Sasha' Black Leather Cross Body Bag (2) is a great option. With a fold over top secured by a mock buckle design that adds flair, the 'Sasha' is both striking and sophisticated.


Keep up to date with our latest on-trend designs - such as the Camden collection from Cultured which is available now. View more about this collection on our Pinterest page.