As the leaves begin to fall from the trees and the cold dark nights sweep in, we begin to wrap up warmer for the coming winter. Darker colours start to fill your wardrobe and life seems that bit more dull. To counter those autumnal blues, we have some products to brighten those dark nights and afternoons.


Autumn Days

Autumn days are up and down affairs and so you need to be ready for every eventuality in the ever changing weather. Leather products are the ideal accessories to suit every weather front the changeable season can throw at us.    



As Christmas creeps closer and closer, having a bit more room in your bag to hide your loved one’s presents as you get an early start on the holiday period is a crucial advantage. A tote bag is the perfect on trend accessory as they offer plenty of space for not only your Christmas gifts, but also your scarf and gloves for when the weather becomes decidedly more chilly.



The perfect leather bag is an attractive seasonal accoutrement and with the right purse it could add a spark to any outfit. The perfect purse should be one that reflects your personality and be a perfect companion for your bag. Go as bold or as understated as you like. Purses are an essential companion for a day out shopping during the day and need to be something special to stand up to the colder weather. With lots of combinations of purses and bags to choose from it is best to experiment with your wardrobe to find the best Autumn look.   


We suggest the ‘Bexley’ Auburn & Gold-Coloured Detail Leather Tote Bag for the rich and deep Auburn leather which is a perfect match for the autumn days.



Our personal favourite purses are the ‘Fey’ Metallic Orange Handcrafted Leather 16-Card RFID Purse for the bold and the ‘Emmaline’ Tan Kiss-Clasp Leather RFID Purse for a more understated look.



During the day, you need a comfortable accessory to carry all your essentials.  One of our seasonal and stylish bags which is also rugged enough to stand up to the bitter cold days is the natural choice.




Whether getting lost in the city or the warm embrace of the countryside, a messenger bag is the perfect travel companion. This style of bag is a handsome addition to any outfit and provides additional comfort with an adjustable leather strap ideal for long walks in the brisk cold air. The autumnal leather tones compliment the colour of crisp leaves crunching under foot as you set off on your next journey to a warming pub or cosy cafe.  


If a messenger bag does not fulfil all your storage needs, a backpack is the perfect alternative for storing a flask full of warming soup or your hot drink of choice for when you explore the countryside in the chilly autumn air. Or even a hip flask of your favourite whisky for a burst of warmth.    


Theses types of bags offer different carrying options to allow for a comfortable carry whether using the adjustable straps or the rugged canvas straps.  


The ‘Bolt’ Conker Brown Buffalo Leather Messenger Bag is the perfect autumnal accessory.

The other option is the ‘Revolution’ Chestnut Leather Backpack which is naturally aged for a distinct character and look.

Autumn Nights

As Autumn nights roll in and the light warmth of the day has gone, going out becomes a special occasion. Why not look the part for your next night out?



For a night out you need to bring the crisp colours of the Autumn days with you to add colour to the dark nights.  A bag with a distinct colour and shape can make or break an outfit and with the encroaching darker evenings, a bit of sparkle is perfect this time of year.  



To add a dash of sparkle, we suggest the ‘Serena’ Metallic Silver Small Evening Cross-Body Bag for its compact and beautiful design.



Holdall bags are perfect for the man on the go who loves to get lost in a city in the brisk autumn air or satisfy his wanderlust and escape the city.


These bags come into their own as an short stay holiday bag and perfectly fit the essentials in with ease. So if you are looking to escape your home for a day, this is the ideal bag to have in your wardrobe. The distinct leather tones are the perfect compliment to the darker tones of your outfits and can carry a new outfit for an impromptu night out.


The Holdall has been a firm favourite for years but it has a new lease of life with the trending fashions this season.


The 'Harrow' Vintage Black Canvas & Leather Holdall is the perfect holdall due to its robust and clean finish.


As a full leather alternative we suggest the ‘Storey’ Vintage Chestnut Leather Holdall which has an excellent suede-like feel and adds a burst of colour.

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