Tahitian Pearls

28th April 2017

Tahitian black pearls have long been famed for their lustrous colour and exceptional quality, and have been treasured by humanity since before records began.

Because of this unparalleled beauty, Tahitian pearls have been the subject of myth and legend throughout the years.

Polynesian legend has it that long ago, Tahitian pearls were the first sources of light and illuminated the vault of heaven. Oro, god of war and peace, visited the earth on a rainbow and gave the Polynesians a magical oyster known as 'Te Ufi'. The pearls inside this oyster were imbued with all the colours of the rainbow, and Oro gifted these pearls to humanity in memory of his voyage on earth.

In early Chinese civilization, black pearls were considered to be a symbol of wisdom because they were believed to be formed within a dragon's head. Once the dragon had grown to full size, the pearls were carried between its teeth – and, to gather the pearls, you had to slay the dragon. Meanwhile, in the days of ancient Japan, it was said that pearls were the tears of mythical creatures such as angels.



The creation of a Tahitian pearl is no quick process - it usually takes between two to three years for the black lip oyster to coat the irritant in its silky nacre and conceive the pearl. Between this lengthy cultivation time and the iridescent colours of each pearl, Tahitian pearls are often considered to be the most precious and popular pearls.

While they're frequently known as black pearls, Tahitian pearls have something of a deceiving name. The colour of these rare pearls is not simply black – instead, their dramatic colour contains a beautiful collection of undertones and overtones in green, pink, blue and silver. As these colours are reflected by the light in an iridescent shine, it's easy to see why ancient cultures believed the Tahitian pearl to be a gift from the heavens.

Our range of black pearl necklaces and earrings each feature genuine cultured Tahitian pearls, individually hand-selected for their superb quality, size and lustre before being set in previous metal fittings. We've picked out some of our favourites for your perusal below.