New Year’s Resolutions to Live By


I know what you are thinking New Year, New Me that’ll only last a few moments before you are off the treadmill again or booking the next getaway when you should be penny-pinching. Here at Pure Luxuries, we have a few easier to keep resolutions that we will most certainly be keeping up this year and into the next. The most important thing is to set easy and manageable goals that you can tweak as time goes on.


Be a bit more environmentally friendly


Healthier Choices


This is one very close to our hearts, as a brand that loves to be as eco-friendly as possible we all like to take that aspect into our day to day lives. One big way to be that little more Earth-friendly is to go vegan or vegetarian. Not only is it great for the environment but it is also healthy - that means you can help the earth and feel better.


It doesn’t have to be every meal but just one or two meals away from meat can make a difference not just in yourself but also in the Earth around us. This change in diet is great for people who love to cook as it gives you a whole new way of planning meals and cooking that will reinvigorate the tired chef of the house.


Here are two particular favourite recipes from the team, that we think you will enjoy.


This brilliant chickpea curry is full of flavour and thanks to the lemon and fresh coriander has a crisp freshness. Only taking 10 minutes is even more reason to give it a go as a vegan


Another favourite is this Greek wrap recipe with the star of the show being the delicious halloumi which complemented by the tastes of summer with a zingy and fresh greek yoghurt balanced with the classic Greek salad for some much-needed freshness alongside the salty and flavourful protein substitute.


Be more organised - drop the phone, pick up the pen


We are our own worst enemies for this, we try to get everything scheduled and organised with the help of our handy assistant, then suddenly we find ourselves being diverted by instant notifications and video streaming. Losing track of what we were doing in the first place.

Our way of getting around this is treating yourself to a new diary in which you have a clear tick list of tasks that are achievable - the key is not to be vague.


Don’t set yourself the target of decorating the whole house - take it a room at a time so at least you have one room to retreat to when the D.I.Y gets too much.


It’s all about the small steps that will help you get your head out of your phone and back to the tasks at hand.


Exercise at your pace - not someone else’s targets


One Step at a time goes a long way


It’s that time of year again where gyms are full and more packed than usual, the New Year, New Me mentality still fresh for many. The gym becomes a struggle and your motivation wanes. Rather than begin the cycle again this year why not start slowly exercising outside the gym for a much more relaxed and rewarding time.


You can set your goals rather than trying to outdo your fellow gym-goers. Make it much more personal and let yourself slowly build to your goals and most importantly keep moving your goals. Having short term goals working towards a final goal helps break the monotony and allows you to push through the wall that many New Year gym-goers hit.


Taking small steps to your bigger goals and setting manageable goals can be the perfect way to achieve what you really want to this year whether that's a refresh of your look or your lifestyle - there's always a way to get where you want. Sometimes a little patience can be the key.