With Christmas not yet a distant memory, choosing a unique Mother’s Day gift that shows just how much you care can be a struggle - especially when our instinct is to reach for the tried and tested (but very unoriginal!) bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates. So what do you do if you want to give your mum something truly original and special this Mother's Day? Give her something useful and long-lasting that matches her personality to a tee. Here are our top Mother’s Day gift ideas for you to wow your mum on her special day.


The Multitasking Mum


Effortlessly juggling a myriad of tasks and people on a daily basis without breaking a sweat - we all know a multitasking mum. She has a seemingly bottomless Mary Poppins bag at the ready, filled with on the spot pharmaceuticals for plastering cuts and scrapes, dog biscuits to keep Rover on his best behaviour, and a diary filled with the family’s appointments so that everyone is on cue.


The Multitasking Mum has everything under control while looking stylish (Photo Credit: iStock)


Every superwoman has a weapon of choice. As mentioned - key to the multitasking mum’s organisational mastery is a bag for all occasions, and we have just the thing:


A backpack that is packed with style and space for all the essentials (left to right, Slate, Navy and Tan)


The ‘Maryam’ leather backpack is perfect for the mum who is ready to move, manage and mother at a moment’s notice. Its ample capacity is ideal for cramming with essentials, while the backpack style allows for hands-free life juggling.


The Wittion is a bright and bold purse filled with spacious and smart storage features


Another accessory for the multitasking mum's arsenal is the ‘Wittion’ purse. With a zip-round fastening, secure coin pocket and a plethora of smart storage features, the ‘Wittion’ is ideal for keeping a bustling lifestyle organised, while maintaining a beautiful look.


The 'Assia' earrings are a beautiful and classic design and come in the iridescent rose gold


As well as being well supplied with accessories, to everybody's astonishment, the multitasking mum also manages to maintain an immaculate appearance. Simple stud earrings provide a dash of glamour while being small enough to remain practical. Our ‘Assia’ earrings are a beautiful example and make for a beautiful mother’s day gift - available in gold and rose gold.


The Trendy Mum


The mum who is on the cutting edge of fashion and always seems to be wearing the latest and most fashionable styles - the trendy mum is instantly recognisable. She isn’t afraid to be bold and stand out from the rest of the crowd with her unique approach. Onlookers and her fellow parents look to her to set the trend for the season ahead.


Our range of 'Imani' tote bags (left to right Dark Chocolate, Cognac and Black)


If your mum fits the bill, why not give her a trendsetting accessory with our range of unique and one of a kind designs such as the ‘Imani’ cognac leather tote bag. Boasting the signature Made by Stitch twist on the classic tote, the 'Imani' embodies the bests of both worlds - it's timeless and elegant while having that pinch of "je ne sais quoi", which makes it modern and stylish.


This bag would be incomplete without a handful of accessories to perfect the trendy mum's image. First, we have the bright and bold ‘Shani’ rose gold sterling silver necklace, a beautiful minimalist accessory with a striking design because "less is more".


Our beautiful minimalist necklace is perfect day or night


A purse is a must-have accessory for any handbag and with the trends for spring set to pastel colours as a firm favourite  - look no further than the 'Kittie' in the glorious plum. An understated and simple purse filled with plenty of storage features for all the essentials a trendy mum will need in a stylish and distinct design.   


The 'Kittie' is a beautifully rich and luxurious leather purse


Working Mum


Balancing her work life with her family life has become second nature to the working mum. She looks sophisticated through it all thanks to stylish yet practical designs. She is not one to keep up with fashion on a day to day basis, looking instead for the ideal balance between comfort and smart wear so she can work and play without having to strive too hard to achieve her perfect look.


The 'Irena' is the bag for all occasions (left to right Slate, French Navy and Black)


Her bag is the versatile toolbox in her repertoire and usually has a stylish yet robust look to it. We love our ‘Irena’ black leather shoulder bag which has a simple yet elegant design. The ‘Irena’ comes with ample storage space for all the professional and casual essentials that this mum will need - perfect both for work and relaxing with the family.  


Beautifully understated and designed to perfection


A purse is the most important accessory in a woman’s bag. Why not get your hardworking mum the perfect match for that sophisticated bag with the ‘Netty’ black leather RFID purse? The simple zip-round design is complemented by a richly textured natural leather finish. And being street savvy like the working mum, this purse also comes with RFID protection, which prevents your bank cards from being scanned without your knowledge or permission. Ideal for a mum who is out and about in business meetings.         


A wonderfully simple and beautiful wishbone charm adorns this classic necklace


To add that perfect finishing touch to the working mum’s classic yet versatile outfit, present her with the ‘Constanza’ sterling silver wishbone necklace. Crafted from fine sterling silver, this necklace is a good luck wish for your mum, even though you know she makes her own luck.


Alternative Mum


This mum is a bit different from all the others. She possesses an eccentricity that you’ve grown to love and adore over the years, and her look is very much unique to her. Her taste in fashion zags as the industry zigs but this alternative mum has found her own distinct style. She is a little bit of a hippie and usually goes for things that are eco-friendly. Finding her a present can sometimes be a challenge as her preferences can change like the wind, but we have the definitive styles that are bound to impress.


A look that is perfect for the trendy or alternative mum in your life (Photo Credit: iStock)


The alternative mum loves a classic backpack - it is her go-to accessory thanks to its casual and handy design that leaves her hands free to hold the hands of her nearest and dearest. For a unique mum, only a unique design will do and that is the ‘Francisca’ slate leather backpack, with its distinct rounded top corners and dual zipped front pockets.


A beautiful and bright backpack; adorned with a distinct dual zipped front


Colours are important to the alternative mum, so her purse is the perfect place to add a splash of colour and personality. Our ‘Dina’ denim leather purse is a beautiful and spacious design that has quickly become a favourite here at Pure Luxuries. The denim tanned leather makes a lovely addition to any wardrobe.   


Beautifully tanned leather adorns this beautiful 'Dina' purse


This mother type might like to adorn themselves with bright and bold colours but jewellery is different - they like the simple yet elegant pieces. We have the perfect necklace for this Mother’s Day in the ‘Lia’ sterling silver necklace. The snake chain design is unique and can easily be used for family outings and date night thanks to its versatile look. It will also allow your mum to collect mementos on her chain such as rings and pendants.   


The snake chain of the 'Lia' is delightfully simple and a must have for an understated look


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