With a new year comes new trends that are bound to make or break your wardrobe. With a little guidance, the perfect accessory can be just that extra touch needed to elevate and reinvent your look for the new decade.  We have our must-have style tips for the coming year - the ones that will define your look. Look further down for gift ideas for your loved one that are bound to dominate their wardrobe for the year ahead.





Cross Body Bags


Proving they were not just a fad - the men’s cross body bag is still in full force as a fashion trend. These compact yet functional bags are perfect for the man on-the-go who is looking for something a little more secure than just his phone, wallet and keys spread across his pockets weighing those trousers down. (on that note we do have some belts to help with that)


For that rustic brown look, the ideal match is the ‘Carlos’ Conker Brown which has a unique zip on the front of the bag which is perfect for safe and secure on-the-go storage. The dark conker brown of the natural leather gives this a handsome and rugged finish. 


A sleek and stylish alternative comes in the form of the ‘Skipper’ Black Leather Cross Body Bag which has a distinctive pebble grain feel that is both robust and sophisticated. This particular bag is part of the ‘Originals Collection’ from Pure Luxuries which is named for its classic designs that have been elevated by high-quality materials such as the bronze coloured fittings giving that rustic look to the bag. 


Messenger Bag


Sometimes the classics come back into style and this could be the messenger’s year. A simple bag that easily fits into your existing wardrobe with no qualms. It is a perfect versatile accessory. 


The ‘Leao’ is a timeless design that has been elevated by high-quality leather and a handsome natural cotton lining. It’s not just style over substance though as the messenger bag is filled with ingenious and useful storage features which makes it the ideal companion. 


For a lighter and attractive colouring, the best companion has to be the rustic ‘Keon’ in the unique Walnut. From one of our oldest collections, the ‘Keon’ is a firm favourite across the board thanks to its functionality and stylish design. The cut corners on the fold-over top give it a unique silhouette and adds a sophisticated touch to the bag. 







As always neon is a popular trend across the catwalks of the world which adds that bright and bold pop to any outfit. While you could go all out and dress head to toe in luminescent colours, why not try just adding that little bit of subtle colour with our range of Orchid bags from our ‘Conkca London’ collection. A personal favourite amongst the team is the ‘Harp’ Orchid Leather Tote Bag thanks to the unique angled sides gives the bag a capacious design whilst being one of our smaller tote bags. 


Looking for something less subdued, our ‘Cultured London’ collection has the eye-catching Cabaret colour which pops with a neon tinge - we love it on our ‘Alyssa’ Cabaret Leather Backpack


We have an array of designs and styles in our pink coloured bags in both Cultured and Conkca.


Big Bags


We all need space in our bags for all the essentials you need for the day - whether it’s just a purse or a change of clothes. Big bags are the must-have accessory that keeps on giving. Our recommendation would be the ‘Melissa’ which is one of our biggest designs. As part of the Eco Collection, it comes unlined which means you have the natural leather feel inside and outside of the bag, providing a unique look and finish. 


For something a bit more traditional and classic, look no further than the ‘Roxanne’ which has all the hallmarks of a tote bag that you would expect. This is elevated by the natural leather that has a luxurious and beautiful soft pebble grain finish. 


If these don’t take your fancy, why not have a look at our selection of tote bags.


Whether you take these trends on board or forge your own path - do it with a leather bag in hand for a timeless look like no other.