Pure Luxuries is steeped in British tradition - from our glorious takes on classic leather accessories such as the iconic satchel bag, to our impressive array of unique British designs, our products have a distinctly British flavour. As a London company, we have many favourite locations along the Thames which lend themselves perfectly to our handcrafted leather companions. In a celebration of everything London, we count down our top seven London must-visit locales and our must-have accompanying pieces.


7. London Eye



Now an intrinsic part of the London skyline, the London Eye is a magnificent structure offering spectacular views across the city. Towering over the River Thames on London’s South Bank, the London Eye attracts almost 4 million annual visitors - no doubt due to its impressive blend of modern engineering and traditional fairground appeal.  


With a host of sights to take in - such as the Palace of Westminster, the Shard and Buckingham Palace - as well as the opportunity to return to earth and explore the riverside on foot, the London Eye is a must-see attraction which offers the perfect introduction to London’s impressive cityscape.


Why not extend your afternoon adventures into the evening by touring down Belvedere Road - a stretch of London peppered with sophisticated and stylish restaurants - just a stone’s throw from the London Eye? Your day of exploration on the South Bank requires a travel companion which, like the Eye itself, is a blend of convenience, tradition and contemporary design.  Mirroring the circular structure of the Eye, the ‘Rolla’ cross body bag is a compact classic with a modern twist. Functioning as both a daytime companion and stylish evening accessory, the ‘Rolla’ offers the storage you need on the move without being cumbersome or unwieldy. And it looks fantastic in the fittingly British shades of Chilli Pepper Red.


6. Sky Gardens



A mere ten minute walk from the iconic London Bridge, the Sky Garden Bar offers fine food and drink high up in the London skyline. This idiosyncratic bar and restaurant resides at the top of the ‘Walkie Talkie’ building for spectacular views and an awe-inspiring experience. Named the ‘Walkie Talkie’ building due to its uncanny resemblance to its namesake, this striking skyscraper towers over the London skyline alongside the Shard and Gherkin.   


Daredevils wanting to get closer to the outstanding views need look no further than the beautifully decorated balcony where the wind will blow through your hair as you enjoy one of many available cocktails. If you fancy further exploration at this fantastic height, you can access three storeys of beautifully kept public gardens - some 520 feet in the air.


For somewhere as special and unique as this you need a bag to match, so why not treat yourself to our perfect accessory - the ‘Louise’ cross body bag. A classically stylish addition to any outfit - and thanks to its versatile carrying options as either a cross body bag or as a clutch bag this particular accessory has become a must have for any night out.  


5. Museums



Full of artefacts that are bound to fascinate you throughout the day - London’s museums are plentiful and diverse. Three museums in particular are not only famed for their exhibits, but are in such close proximity that you simply have to plan a day of culture around them.


Any combination of London’s museums must include the cathedral-like architecture of the Natural History Museum, which features a multitude of floors containing everything from biological wonders to geological treasures. Alongside the Romanesque and exquisite design of the building itself are the museum’s many attractions, such as the 25-metre blue whale skeleton suspended above the breathtaking main hall.


Once you’ve exhausted every corner of the Natural History Museum make your way towards the exciting Science Museum which has five floors of exhibitions. The Science Museum offers a perfect playground for letting your inner child out through exploring the ins and outs of scientific advancements in a fun and interactive way.


For something more sophisticated, look no further than the Victoria and Albert Museum which houses a sprawling and vast collection of culturally impactful exhibitions from throughout history. Alongside the largest collection of Italian Renaissance pieces outside of Italy is a paid for special exhibition which is constantly changing and covers a wide range of interests.


For cramming in all these excellent experiences into one, why not get the ultimate tourist companion, the ever reliant ‘Josie’ leather backpack. The ‘Josie’ is perfect for holding the thirst quenching drinks you will need while getting around these beacons of knowledge. The capacious backpack can even hold a few nibbles for a quick picnic on the beautiful green grass of the Natural History Museum.   


4. Soho



An area resplendent in glamour and renowned for its nightlife worldwide, the streets of Soho have something for everyone. From jazz clubs and high end restaurants to hipster pubs and chic bars, there is a lifetime of places to visit and sights to see. Once a fashionable area for the aristocracy, with high society restaurants drawing prominent figures such as Oscar Wilde and Albert, Prince of Wales, today Soho is known as the ultimate night time destination for all visitors.


For a night of extravagance, head to Soho’s famous Frith Street. Start the evening in style with a meal at the sumptuous Chotto Matte, followed by drinks at the fabulous Ronnie Scott’s bar - lauded for its incredible live jazz performances. Two fabulous venues visited, and the night is still young.


No trip to Soho would be complete without sampling the world class cocktails to be found in bars throughout the district. Start as you mean to go on by heading straight to LAB (London Academy of Bartenders) for a cocktail you will never forget. The staff here are some of the city’s finest and offer expertly made drinks from an exhaustive list of incredible creations within a beautiful venue.


Wherever you find yourself in Soho’s sprawling streets, you will want a trendy and reliable sidekick with you every step of the way. For men, look no further than the ‘Lowe’ despatch bag. With its understated yet iconic design, the ‘Lowe’ will tie in with virtually any fashionable outfit, and is snug enough to remain unobtrusively by your side whether you eat, dance or drink. To keep your cash secure - try the ‘Max’ wallet. With a unique and eye-catching design, which features a removable card holder for nights out, the ‘Max’ will fit right in with Soho’s bohemian and eccentric character.


3. Greenwich Park



Greenwich is a Docklands Light Railway ride from central London but it is more than worth the journey for the beautiful views of Canary Wharf and the greenery populating Greenwich Park. Offering a unique park experience unlike any other, this is a cultural hub for those looking to get off from the beaten track.


Greenwich park houses the Royal Observatory which is the site of the Meridian Line; this has become a hot tourism spot thanks to the panoramic view of London towards the River Thames and the impeccably designed Queen’s House which is an architectural dream. The Observatory is a ticketed attraction but the outside views of the impressive building alone are worth the visit.  


An area for deer is nestled into a secluded section of Greenwich Park, which allows these majestic animals to roam freely and peacefully. Just a short walk away lies the Flower Garden, which sits alongside a serene lake and provides excellent views of the deer park.


Time in the park wouldn’t be complete without a picnic under the beautiful foliage and fauna; no bag fits all those lovely finger foods better than the ‘Cranbrook’ tote bag which comes in a variety of vintage colours including cognac. The bag is a perfect match for these surroundings thanks to the rustic look that balances sophistication and functionality with ease. The pinstriped lining adds to the beautiful distinct look of the ‘Cranbrook’, making it the perfect accessory to store all your picnic treats while exploring the beautiful outdoors.


2. Borough Market



A haven for the food lover in all of us and an explosion of cultures and cuisines - Borough Market is perfect for those seeking the freshest produce and artisan delicacies for a picnic in the park.   


This open air market resides in the shadow of iconic London buildings such as the Shard which towers over this quaint but bustling foodie quarter. The market is home to some of the trendiest restaurants, with queues of eager restaurant goers snaking the streets at peak times being a common sight. With a deliciously fresh and distinct decor - Padella restaurant has become the place to be in the area thanks to their freshly made pasta with an ever changing menu that constantly amazes with its low prices.


If the lines are too long at this popular spot, you can sample an endless array of cuisine on offer in the market itself from the pop up stalls which are full of flavourful choices and options for all dietary requirements.


For such a diverse and beautiful area of London, you cannot go wrong with the ‘Nikita’ cross body bag which is compact enough for exploring this lively and vibrant area of London while still having the space to store a couple of snacks for the road. The tanned leather of the ‘Nikita’ perfectly pops against the classic look of the market - filled with dark greens to add vibrancy to the produce on sale. With two full length slip pouches on the exterior of this cross body bag - the ‘Nikita’ has spacious solutions for all your foodie needs


1. The Gherkin



Though a recent addition to London’s list of iconic structures, 30 St Mary Axe (also known as The Gherkin) has become an interchangeable emblem for London in the twenty first century. Upon its completion in 2003, The Gherkin received a mixed response. The quirky shape and seemingly incongruous look of the building took some time to be accepted by many, but it is now perfectly at home in London’s primary financial district.


With an ingenious design which includes open shafts between each floor, the building benefits from energy-free ventilation. These shafts also allow natural light to flood deep into the building’s interior, resulting in a beautifully reflective space, both inside and out.


As The Gherkin is primarily a commercial structure, its availability to the public is limited - but  HELIX restaurant and bar offers a sleek and exclusive dining experience on the 39th floor of the structure. Boasting views and gourmet food you simply cannot find anywhere else, HELIX is the place to be seen for those who wish to impress.


To make a statement with your wardrobe in this high business environment, take along the ‘Lorton’ leather briefcase. Whether you’re meeting business contacts or friends, the ‘Lorton’ has a professional and stylish finish which will complement a confident and fashionable look in the financial district and beyond.  


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