For leather to retain its natural look and beautiful texture, it needs a little care and attention. Below are some of our most helpful tips for keeping your leather goods from becoming dull and worn out.   


Wipe Clean Only

Starting with the basics - all our leather items are wipe clean only. They don’t require hand washing and certainly shouldn’t be put in the washing machine. Any dirt should be simply wiped away. All that is needed is a little warm water and a small amount of washing up liquid gently applied with a damp cloth.


When wiping you should follow the grain of the item to avoid ruining the luxuriously textured finish of the leather. Ideally, this should be done once a week to maintain a ‘new bag’ look and rid the bag of any dirt which it may have acquired from day-to-day use.




Have a routine

Leather is a high maintenance material and as such needs love and care to be at its most beautiful and stylish. As such a routine needs to be set with high quality waxes and creams. With any leather product, but especially wallets and purses, it is important to make sure they are not overfilled as the leather will stretch and won’t spring back to the original form.


Every three to six months, dependant on the time of year, the leather needs an application of conditioner to stop the bag from drying out and cracking. A thin layer of the cream conditioner will soak into the material and will nourish and revive the leather colour. Here at Pure Luxuries, we suggest the 1909 Collonil Crème de Luxe for its high quality ingredients which deliver a beautiful finish.



Finally, a wax polish is required every nine to twelve months to give the leather a classic bright shine and a renewed look. For the best nourishing wax polish, we suggest the 1909 Collonil Wax Polish. Before using any of the aforementioned products, we suggest that you complete a ‘spot check’ somewhere hidden on the product. As some waxes will likely change the colour of the leather, a test run allows you to see if you like the new look.


What to do when they aren’t in use?

When your leather bag is not the perfect match for your outfit, the worst thing that you can do is throw it to the bottom of your wardrobe. It still needs love and care when not in use. Use these quick tips to keep your valued leather possessions in the best condition:


Fill your bag with some of your unwanted clothes or fabrics so that the bag keeps its shape and avoids becoming a scrunched up mess in your wardrobe

Avoid keeping your bags in direct sunlight as it can alter the colour of the product and dry it out quickly

All leather products need to be stored in a fabric bag when not in use to protect from dust and keeps the leather pristine

Leather needs to breathe just like any material so it’s important to take your leather items out of storage to let it ventilate to prevent a buildup of mildew


With these tips, your leather items should be kept looking as special as they did the day they were delivered.


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