The beginning of the New Year is the perfect time to reflect on the changing trends and popular styles of the previous twelve months. Pure Luxuries has seen fantastic sales growth over the last year, with 2018 sales increasing on 2017 by 27%. As our range of designs increase in popularity, we want to pay close attention to what you, our fantastic customers, select as your favourite products.


We have researched the top 3 best selling styles of men's and women's bags, as well as the most popular wallet and purse designs, to see what trends had the biggest impact in 2018.


Read our breakdown of 2018 Top Sellers to find out if you are on trend for the coming season.



Top 3 Men's Bag Styles


Holdalls were hugely popular in 2018, with styles such as the 'Big Bear' and 'Redwood' selling out entirely. It is fair to say that holdalls have always been popular, but the combined rugged appearance and incredible value of the Bear Hardwear range has projected the style’s popularity even further. The timeless appearance of the leather holdall secures its position as a bestseller - it will be interesting to see if its practicality and style is outweighed by upcoming trends in 2019.


Cross Body bags continue to be firm favourites with men; products such as the 'Ranger' and 'Capitan' were very popular gift purchases at Christmas. The compact and comfortable design of the cross body bag make it a go to accessory for fashion conscious men. With varying styles, such as the contemporary 'Ranger' and the more traditional 'Capitan' below, the despatch bag is a natural choice for the man on the move.   

The Ranger is a blend of rugged practical design and contemporary, simplistic style.
More traditional in style, the Capitan features the rustic leather appearance more often associated with despatch bags.


Meanwhile washbags remain a cornerstone of men's wardrobes thanks to handsome designs like the 'Creek' and 'Bowfell'. Washbag sales have certainly increased across the board, perhaps indicative of a growth of popularity in men's accessories. No longer a throwaway gift, the washbag is considered by many to be an important accessory reflective of a man's sense of style.


The resurgence in popularity of the leather washbag is no doubt in part due to the wide variety of styles offered within the Pure Luxuries range.


Top 3 Women's Bag Styles


Backpacks dominated 2018, with the 'Anoushka' and 'Francisca' backpacks selling very well throughout the year. Compared with the previous year, 2018 saw a massive increase in backpack sales. Although doubtlessly linked with fashion trends, the movement away from the traditional handbag also shows a customer preference for comfort and practicality. With a large capacity and a convenient mode of carrying while remaining hands free, the backpack ticks all the boxes for commuters, travellers or students. 


Boasting a large capacity and comfortable shoulder straps, it is easy to understand the Francisca's popularity.


Similarly, the Cross Body bag has tripled in sales figures, outdoing the handbag by a considerable margin. Stand out favourites were the 'Sasha' and 'Dink', which again represent traditional and contemporary styles respectively. The large range of colours offered throughout our cross body range extends the style's appeal - making the cross body bag not only a more convenient option than a handbag, but one which can tailored to individual taste.


The Sasha is cute and compact with a traditional satchel appearance.
With a more contemporary, clean cut appearance, the Dink appeals to the modern lady.


Handbags came in third place, with favourites such as the 'Alice' continuing to make an impact. Overall, the popularity of handbags dipped slightly in 2018, following the trend of backpacks taking customer preference. It will certainly be interesting to see how the handbag fares in 2019 - will rucksacks continue to dominate or will we see a return to form for the iconic handbag?


Top Selling Wallets


The best selling wallets of 2018 demonstrate a preference for minimalist, simplistic designs with classic features. The 'Garrat' is secure and handsome, whereas the 'Morrison' is a unique, fully zipped design. The universal appeal of the 'Plane' travel wallet echoes the simplistic style favoured by customers.


Top Selling Purses


Full of traditional Italian flare, the 'Sardinia' was the most popular purse of 2018, followed by the sleek 'Vivian' and 'Fey' designs. Clearly, customers still favour the more traditional purse designs on offer, but are also fond of the diverse contemporary pastel shades offered by the comparatively simplistic 'Vivian' and 'Fey'. We can certainly expect pastel tones to grow in popularity in 2019, as new tones and designs are introduced to the Pure Luxuries range through Spring and Summer. Watch this space.



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